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Eryngium Giganteum - 30 Seeds - Giant Sea Holly - Miss Willmott’s Ghost

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Eryngium Giganteum
'Giant Sea Holly'

 30 Seeds

Native to Western Asia, Eryngium Giganteum is known commonly as “Miss Willmott’s Ghost” or Giant Sea-Holly.

Reaching up to a metre tall, this Eryngium is easily recognisable by their thistle-like leaves. The foliage is a conspicuous grey-green colour, making it easy to see why it’s called a ghost, and the flowers are a
beautiful blue-silver during the summer.

Leaves attach to the stem in pairs, and flowers appear in a cone-shaped umbel. Flowers can reach up to 6cm long, and bloom from June to September.

Attractive to bees. Fully Hardy to -15°C.