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Entandrophragma Caudatum - 5 Seeds - Sprague / Mountain Mahogany

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Entandrophragma Caudatum - Sprague / Mountain Mahogany / Wooden Banana

5 Seeds

Entandrophragma caudatum also known as Mountain Mahogany is a large tree up to 20 m though more often around 10 m in height, native to Southern Africa belonging to the Mahogany family.

Bark flakines in large, irregular scales and revealing a buff surface, giving a mottled appearance. Lower trunk and lower branches are swollen, especially when young. Leaves up to 25 cm long, crowded near the ends of branches, Flowers are green in colour and in branched sprays some 20 cm long arising from the axils of leaves.

The fruit is a a woody capsule, up to 15 cm long, splitting open to show the large winged seeds attached to a central column.

Minimum recommended temperature 5°C