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Ensete Ventricosum - 10 Seeds - Ethiopian or Abyssinian Banana

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Ensete Ventricosum - Ethiopian or Abyssinian Banana

10 Seeds

Ensete ventricosum, the Ethiopian or Abyssinian banana, is a native to Eastern Africa from Ethiopia to Mozambique, typically found in mountainous rainforests.  It has a stem of overlapping leaf bases and large leaf blades up to 5 meters long, and 1 meter wide, with a pink/red midrib.

Flowering only once at the end of its life, it produces pendant masses of pink bracts, with flavourless and pretty much inedible fruits, the roots are used as a foodstuff.

Growing to a height of around 6 meters in height and a spread of around 4 meters.

Frost tender, minimum temperature should be around 5°C.

Will need winter protection in cooler areas, preferably under glass.