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Elephantopus Scaber - 20 Seeds - Prickly Leaved Elephant's Foot

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Elephantopus Scaber - Prickly Leaved Elephant's Foot

20 Seeds

A native from tropical Africa through Southeast Asia and northern Australia, this perennial herb is used traditionally as a medicinal herb to combat a variety of ailments ranging from eczema to fever and bladder stones.

Reaching up to 60cm tall, its stems grow in a basal rosette, with lanceolate leaves around 20cm in length, with notched margins. Leaves are somewhat hairy, as are stems. Flowers grow from stems that grow from the center of the leaf rosette, small and purple, around 1cm across.  Blooms appear on the head of the flowering stalk, enclosed by ovate bracts.

Please see a GP before using in a medicinal context.

Frost tender to 10°C