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Echinocereus Poselgeri – 15 Seeds - Dahlia Cactus / Cacti

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Echinocereus Poselgeri - Dahlia Cactus

15 Seeds

A cactus native to the west and south west of North America and Mexico, this cactus is known as the Dahlia Cactus or Pencil Cactus for its tuberous roots and distinctive shape of its trunk.

Reaching up to 1.2m tall, it is a rarely branching cactus with slender stems around 2cm in diameter, dark in colour and erect. Stems have up to 10 ribs, and are covered in grey-white spines growing in clusters along the ribs, up to 5mm long.

Flowers are an attractive pink-purple, blooming from late spring onwards, growing only at the apex of the stem on an equally spiny peduncle.

Requires a cool dry place during winter, and full to partial sun to thrive.

Hardy down to around -10°C.