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Echeveria Peacockii - 25 Seeds - Mexican Succulent Peacockii Echeveria

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Echeveria Peacockii

25 Seeds

Native to Mexico, this striking Echevaria is distinct from all other species due to its numerous red-tipped leaves with striking pink orange flowers, which it takes its name from. Rosettes can reach up to 15cm in diameter, with dusty silver-blue, spoon shaped leaves. Leaves are often tipped with pink or red. Reaching up to 13cm tall, rosettes tend to cluster tightly together.

Colourful flowers appear on the top of slender stalks reaching up to 25cm long, blooming in early summer. Flowers are long-lasting and can produce up to 20 or more flowers!

Grows on rocky outcroppings in the wild, where water drains away quickly. As with other species of Echevaria, it should not be overwatered at any time, and watered less during winter months.

Enjoys a well draining but rich soil, and full sun, although leaves can burn in strong sunlight.

Frost tender and should be kept above 5°C.