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Dudleya Albiflora - 50 Seeds - Mexican Live Forever

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Dudleya Albiflora

50 Seeds

Commonly known as ‘Liveforever’, this Dudleya is native to southwestern North America and North Mexico.

A rosette forming succulent, its leaves reach up to 2-3cm long, with rosettes reaching to around 6cm in diameter, but can form cushions of multiple rosettes reaching around 20cm in diameter. Leaves are fleshy and green, slender and lance-shaped.

Flowers are white and tube-shaped, around 4mm long, emerging from bright red flowering stalks that can reach up to 45cm tall. Flowers bloom from April to early summer.

Keep in full sun from an early age, and in a well-draining soil that should be kept moderately moist. During summer watering should be reduced drastically to mimic the native habitats they live in.

Frost tender to 6°C.