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Drosera Admirabilis - 20 Seeds - South Africa Sundew Carnivorous Plant

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Drosera Admirabilis
South Africa Sundew Carnivorous Plant

20 Seeds

Drosera Admirabilis, known as the ‘floating sundew’ because of the way mature rosettes stack on one another, is a carnivorous sundew to South Africa. Found in damp, peaty areas in the wild, they prefer to be kept moist year round.

Similar to Drosera Aliciae, leaves are spoon-shaped, reaching up to 25mm long and 7mm wide, and covered in red tentacles. With more light, the hairs will appear darker, giving the leaves a bright red appearance.

Light pink flowers are produced  from May to September and sit atop a long stalk, with petals about 1cm in diameter.

As more rosettes grow, they will form atop older leaves, eventually giving the appearance that each new rosette is ‘floating’ or hovering above the others.

Prefers consistent temperatures between 20 and 25°C and to be kept moist throughout the year. Can cope with temperatures down to -5°C but will die back, and has no dormancy period. Keep indoors over winter.