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Dracunculus Vulgaris - 1 Bulb - Dragon Arum / Voodoo Lily

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Dracunculus Vulgaris - Dragon Arum / Voodoo Lily

1 Bulb
(20/25 cm bulb Circumference)

Also known as the Black Arum, the Voodoo Lily and the Dragon Lily amongst other names, this striking aroid is native to the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans.

Best known for its odor during the pollination period, likened to rotting meat, it unusually uses flies as a pollinator instead of traditional bees.

Its foliage is produced from the stem it sends up during early spring, with large lobed leaves a pale green and often speckled with a cream colour. The inside of the foliage is a striking purple-red. Leaves can reach up to 30cm wide.

Reaching up to 1m tall, it produces an inflorescence by maturity, with a tall purple spathe up to 60cm tall and darker spadix.

Enjoys full sun and a rich, well draining soil.

Half hardy down to around -5°C.