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Dianthus Caryphyllus 'Chabaud Orange Sherbet' - 200 Seeds - Carnation

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Dianthus Caryphyllus
 'Chabaud Orange Sherbet' Carnation

200 Seeds

Traditionally used as a buttonhole flower, the carnation is a well-loved flower in cultivation since Antiquity and naturalised around the world. Reaching up to 60cm tall and 30cm in spread with grey-green leaves up to 15cm long.

The double-flowers of the Chabaud Orange Sherbert variety have a soft orange base colour and are streaked with dark reds, making them an excellent border plant. Blooms grow singly, around 5cm in diameter. The petals are edible and make an excellent garnish to soups, salads and even cakes!

Highly attractive to butterflies and excellent as cut flowers!

More hardy than other varieties, can be grown as a frost tender perennial or a typical annual. Keep above -5°C.