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Dalbergia Latifolia - 10 Seeds - Indian Sonokeling Rosewood Tree

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Dalbergia Latifolia
Indian Sonokeling Rosewood Tree

10 Seeds

Reaching up to 40m tall, this attractive tree is used to create premium woodworked goods, and also for reforestation due to its nitrogen-fixing qualities.

Native to tropical Asia, it has brown bark with darker brown streaks running through it, with a straight grain that is highly prized in woodworking. The trunk is straight, up to 1.5m thick in diameter, with spirally arranged, obovate leaves from 10-30cm long. Leaves are paler in colour on the underside.

Flowers are small and white, blossoming in panicles, around 1cm in diameter. The full inflorescence can reach up to 15cm across. Blooms appear in early spring.

Frost tender, minimum temperature 0°C.