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Dais Cotinifolia - 10 Seeds - Pompom Tree

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Dais Cotinifolia - Pompom Tree

10 Seeds

Dais Cotinifolia, known as the Pompom Tree, is a small tree native to Southern Africa.

It flowers profusely during the summer months and produces a multitude of pink, sweet-scented, globular flowerheads about 10 cm across. Depending on the circumstances it can reach a height of up to 12m, although it rarely exceeds 6m in cultivation.

Dais cotonifolia usually flowers from its second year. In warm climates the trees lose their leaves briefly at the end of winter, while in very cold areas the trees are deciduous.

They are quick growing and reach their full height within 4 to 5 years generally flowering from about their second year.

It prefers hot long summers with some rain and a cool dry almost arid winter, so will require a rich, most, well-drained soil and summer watering will give best results.

Young trees need to be protected from frost for their first two years, but older trees are frost-hardy.

Minimum temperature -5°C.