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Cylindropuntia Imbricata - 20 Seeds - Tree Cholla Cactus

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Cylindropuntia Imbricata - Tree Cholla Cactus

20 Seeds

Native to northern Mexico and the southwestern United States, this tree-like cactus has many branching stems to create a unique silhouette.

Typically reaching around 1m in height, it can reach up to 3m tall, with the 'trunk' made up of cylindrical or ovular stems around 3cm thick. Stems are covered in sharp spines around 3cm long, making the cactus seem like it's covered in fine hair. Be careful when handling, as spines can easily go through leather gardening gloves!

Flowers are showy, up to 6cm long and a purple-red colour. Blooms appear from late spring onwards and grow from fleshy bases towards the end of the stems. Flowers give way to yellow, cone shaped fruits with a hollow at one end where the flower falls off.

Fully hardy to -15°C.