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Mustard - Mizuna Red Streaks - 1000 Seeds - Salad Herb

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Mustard  ‘Mizuna  - Red Streaks’Brassica Japonica

1000 Seeds

A cultivar of ‘brassica juncea var japonica’  and native to Asia, the ‘mizuna’  varietyof mustard has a milder taste than others and are perfect to adding to salads,or for adding to soup, stews and stir fries.

The Mizuna Red Streaks variety has very fin ely serrated lea ves with adeep reddish/purple that runs through the stems and leaves.Reaches up to 80cm tall and 30cm in spread.

The soil should be kept well moist to avoid leaf bitte rne ss.Prefers well draining, fertile soil and partial shade.As a leafy crop, nitrogen is essentially for best results.

Approximately 20 days to baby leaf, and up to 45 days to full maturity.