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Crassula Capitella ssp Thyrsiflora - 25 Seeds - Red Pagoda Plant Succulent

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Crassula Capitella ssp. Thyrsiflora
Red Pagoda Plant

25 Seeds

A truly stunning succulent, this unique Crassula is commonly known as the 'Red Pagoda' or the 'Shark's Tooth Crassula' for its colouration and the shape of its leaves. Native to Namibia and South Africa, it typically grows on dry rocky slopes in the wild.

A multi-branching Crassula, each branch can reach up to around 40cm tall, particularly when in flower. Leaves grow in rosettes, typically arranged in a spiral of four ranks. Leaves start as a bright green and may take on brown or reddish colours the longer they are kept in dry, exposed places. Individual leaves are around 1.5cm long and flat.

Any leaves that are shed from the parent plant will develop into new plants.

Flowers appear at the tip of the 'pagodas', in a long, spike-shaped cluster. Blooms are around 2.5mm long, usually cream coloured and sometimes tinged with pink. Blossoms from midsummer to mid autumn.

A good draining soil is required for this Crassula to thrive. Enjoys filtered sun and can handle shade. In shaded areas the leaves will remain more green, and tend to redden when in harsh, full sun. Best kept in some shade during the hottest hours of the day.

Frost tender to 5°C, but reportedly tolerate temperatures down to -5°C for very brief periods.