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Cotyledon Orbiculata v Flanaganii - 25 Seeds - Pig's Ear South African Succulent

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Cotyledon Orbiculata var. Flanaganii
'Pig's Ear'

25 Seeds

Native to the Karoo region of South Africa, this Cotyledon is a succulent shrub that can reach up to around 90cm tall and around 10cm in spread.

Leaves are arranged in spirals, typically around 15cm long, finger-like in appearance. The edges of leaves are a powdery green, tipped with red.

Flowers appear in midsummer as umbels on the end of a long stalk that can reach around 25cm tall, similar to other succulents. Flowers are orange-red, around 3cm long, and attractive to insects.

Enjoys a well draining, gritty potting mixture, and to be kept in full sun. Keep dry during the winter.