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Clianthus Puniceus - 10 Seeds - Lobster Claw Flower / Kaka Parrot Beak

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Clianthus Puniceus
Lobster Claw Flower / Kaka Parrot Beak

10 Seeds

Clianthus Puniceus is a native to the North Island of New Zealand. It is an evergreen scrambling shrub, with dark green pinnate leaves.

It produces clusters of unusual bright red flowers usually around 8 cm long, resembling the beak of a parrot. It flowers from spring through to early summer, but can flower twice a year.

Grows to a height and spread of around 2 meters.

Should be planted in a sheltered area with plenty of sun and protected from frosts.

Minimum winter temperature around 4°C will ensure an early flowering, can resist temperatures down to -5°C for short periods.