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Clematis Lasiantha - Pipestem Clematis - 50 Seeds

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Clematis Lasiantha - Pipestem Clematis

50 Seeds

Native to southern North America, Clematis Lasiantha is also known as the pipestem clematis or Chaparral Clematis, and is a beautiful climbing vine with butterfly-friendly flowers.

Reaching up to 4.5m tall with enough support, with tri-lobed leaves up to 5cm in length, and ivory star-shaped flowers around 4cm in length that bloom from March to late summer.

In the wild, it climbs on top of surrounding plants for support, but does not twine around other plants, meaning it will not choke out neighbouring plants. Its vines are delicate, so support trellises must be thin enough to support them (such as wire or twine).

Prefers well-draining but moist soil. Its roots must be kept in full or partial shade, but growth will be impaired if its top does not receive full sun. Keep its base well protected.

Popular with bees and butterflies!

Fully hardy down to -20°C.