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Cinchona Pubescens - 20 Seeds - Red Quinine Tree

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Cinchona Pubescens - Red Quinine Tree

20 Seeds

Native to Central and South America, this tree can reach up to 10m tall, though does not always reach this height. Its bark is a dark brown, turning red when cut, and leaves are broadly elliptic to oval in shape, around 40cm long, light green, somewhat hairy on the underside. Flowers appear in large panicles, tube shaped and highly fragrant, pink in colour, around 2-3cm long each.

The bark of the Cinchona tree has long been used medicinally, as its bark contains quinine, a common treatment for malaria and fever. Please contact a GP before using in a medicinal context.

Extremely frost tender, keep above temperatures of 5°C at all times.