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Cichorium Endivia 'Pancalieri' - 1000 Seeds - Pancalieri Endive

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Cichorium Endivia 'Pancalieri'
Pancalieri Endive

1000 Seeds

A frizzy-type of Endive and a highly popular salad vegetable across Europe, this leafy vegetable is typically grown as an annual and can reach up to 1.5m tall (though typically do not reach that height before harvesting). The leaves of the Pancalieri variety are curled and frizzy at the edge, up to 25cm in length.

Popular in salads due to its somewhat biting taste, which can be tempered with a sweet vinegar.

If allowed to bolt, produces attractive pale blue aster-like flowers.

Hardy down to around -3°C, can be overwintered in mild climates.