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Cheiridopsis Denticulata - 15 Seeds - Mesembryanthemum Succulent

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Cheiridopsis Denticulata

15 Seeds

A smaller succulent native to the Cape Province of South Africa, particularly from Namaqualand and the Richtersveld.

Reaching up to 10cm tall and around 30cm wide, the leaves are around 6.5cm long and 1cm broad. The green-grey leaves may have somewhat toothed keels, giving it the species name. Typically opposite in up to two or three pairs on ground-level branches, the leaves are erect and triangular towards the tip.

Flowers appear during late winter, and are up to 8cm across, ranging from cream to yellow in colour, sometimes purpleish at the tips.

A winter grower, the Cheiridopsis will go dormant in summer, becoming more compact with older leaves withering to form a protective sheath at the base of the plant.

Enjoys a sandy soil with good drainage and plenty of minerales, and full sun.

Half hardy to -5°C and can take a light frost so long as the soil is kept dry.