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Chasmanthium (Uniola) Latifolium - 50 Seeds - Northern Sea Oats / Woodoats

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Chasmanthium (Uniola) Latifolium
Northern Sea Oats / Woodoats

50 Seeds

Known as woodoats, northern sea oats and river oats, this perennial grass is native to Northern America and parts of northern Mexico.

Reaching up to 1m in height and around 60cm in spread, the leaves are lance-shaped and slender, arching gracefully to around 25cm long. Typically a dark green, they fade to a yellow in the winter months.

From late summer, leaves bear lance to oval -shaped spikelets around 1cm long which age from green to brown, and break apart at maturity to spread seed. Individual spikelets are flat as though ironed that way, and attractive as a border plant.

Enjoys moist, well draining soil and full to part sun. Should be cut back during the winter.

Fully hardy.