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Didierea Madagascariensis - 5 Seeds - Octopus Tree Madagascar Succulent

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Didierea Madagascariensis - Octopus Tree Madagascar Succulent

5 Seeds

This spectacular plant from southern Madagascar forms part of the spiny desert, a desert like area that holds many differing plants, mostly with savage thorns. How the Lemurs leap from branch to branch of this plant without seriously injuring themselves, I do not know, I wouldnt believe it if I hadnt seen it with my own eyes!!

This unusual succulent can grow up to 9m tall, and will grow into a tree like form with twisting and drooping branches, savage spines are found all over the plant and long lance shaped leaves grow during the rainy season. In southern Madagascar, the rainfall is very minimal, and these plants can withstand long periods of drought. In the dry season it will loose its leaves to conserver water evaporation.

Minimum recommended temperature 10°C