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Sinningia Macrostachya - 30 Seeds - Leather Leaf Gloxinia

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Sinningia Macrostachya - Leather Leaf Gloxinia

30 Seeds

Sinningia macrostachya is an interesting variety of Sininngia native to Brazil and Uruguay.

Forming a swollen caudex base with age, it can reach diameters of up to 40cm. During the growing summer season, it produces a growing stem with large oval leaves with serrated edges, which feel rough like sandpapaer, and can reach around 20 - 25 cm in length.

Clusters of long tubular red flowers are produced at maturity, though not as showy as other sininngias but its impressive size makes up for this!

Can reach a maximum height of up to 1.3 meters when in growth.

Frost tender, keep above 5°C.