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Caudiciform and Pachycaul Seeds

Pachycaul and Caudex plants are a group of succulent plants with swollen stems and/or roots which store water. A truly wonderful and bizarre group of plants, found growing in areas with a distinct dry winter season, when the foliage dies back and they go dormant, and a wetter summer growing season. Some have a winter growing season and a dry dormant summer season.

Caudiciform and Pachycaul Seeds
Yucca Brevifolia var. Jaegeriana - 10 Seeds - Dwarf Joshua Tree

Yucca Brevifolia var. Jaegeriana10 SeedsThis unusual and well known Yucca is native to the South Wes..


Bowiea Volubilis - 5 Seeds - Caudex Forming Succulent

Bowiea VolubilisCaudex Succulent Plant5 SeedsThis strange looking plant from South Afirica, is an ea..


Adenium Obesum - 5 Seeds - Pachycaul South African Tree

Adenium Obesum - Pachycaul South African Tree5 SeedsNative to Africa and the Arabian peninsula, this..


Sinningia Magnifica - 30 Seeds - Brazilian Caudex Succulent

Sinningia Magnifica - Caudex Succulent30 SeedsSinningia magnifica is a native to Brazil, similar to ..


Pachycormus Discolor - 10 Seeds - Elephant Tree Pachycaul

Pachycormus Discolor - 'Elephant Tree'10 SeedsThis unusual branching succulent is a native to Wester..


Mirabilis Jalapa - 50 Seeds - Marbled Mix Marvel Of Peru

Mirabilis Jalapa - Marvel Of Peru - Marbles Mix50 SeedsThis south american perennial, takes on a bus..


Talinum Caffrum - 10 Seeds - Caudex Succulent

Talinum Caffrum - Caudex Forming Succulent10 SeedsThis caudex forming plant is native to East and so..


Zehneria Scabra - 10 Seeds - Wild African Cucumber Zehneria Scabra - 10 Seeds - Wild African Cucumber

Zehneria Scabra - Wild African Cucumber10 SeedsZehneria Scabra is a caudex (water storing stem) plan..


Fouquieria Formosa - 5 Seeds - Ocotillo

Fouquieria Formosa - 5 Seeds 5 SeedsNative to central and southern Mexico, this small tree can reach..


Phytolacca Dioica - 10 Seeds - Caudex Forming Unusual Tree

Phytolacca Dioica - Caudex Forming Tree10 SeedsThis very unusual plant has a common name of the Ombu..


Fouquieria Splendens ssp Splendens - 5 Seeds - Ocotillo Jacob's staff Cactus

Fouquieria Splendens ssp Splendens - Ocotillo / Jacob's staff Cactus5 SeedsFouquieria splendens..


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