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Caudiciform and Pachycaul Seeds

Pachycaul and Caudex plants are a group of succulent plants with swollen stems and/or roots which store water. A truly wonderful and bizarre group of plants, found growing in areas with a distinct dry winter season, when the foliage dies back and they go dormant, and a wetter summer growing season. Some have a winter growing season and a dry dormant summer season.

Caudiciform and Pachycaul Seeds
Pachypodium Rosulatum v Cactipes - Seeds - Madagascar Pachycaul Succulent

Pachypodium Rosulatum v CactipesElephants Foot Palm5 SeedsThis truly original succulent comes from t..


Beaucarnea Gracilis - 10 Seeds - Mexican Pony Tail Palm

Beaucarnea Gracilis - Mexican Pony Tail Palm / SotolinPacks of 10 SeedsBeaucarnea gracilis is a nati..


Pachypodium Geayi - 50 Seeds - Succulent of Madagascar

Pachypodium Geayi - Madagascar succulent50 SeedsThis truly original succulent comes from the island ..


Phytolacca Dioica Seeds - Caudex Forming Unusual Tree

Phytolacca Dioica Caudex Forming Tree10 SeedsThis very unusual plant has a common name of the Ombu (..


Operculicarya Borealis - 5 Seeds - Madagascar Pachycaul

Operculicarya Borealis - Pachycaul Succulent Tree5 SeedsOperculicarya Borealis is a native to North ..


Zelkova Serrata - 30 Seeds - Japanese Keyaki Elm - Great Bonsai Subject

Zelkova Serrata - Japanese Keyaki ElmGreat Bonsai Subject30 SeedsZelkova Serrata is a medium-sized t..


Sinningia Magnifica - 50 Seeds - Brazilian Caudex Succulent

Sinningia Magnifica - Caudex Succulent50 SeedsSinningia magnifica is a native to Brazil, similar to ..


Adenia Isaloensis - 5 Seeds - Madagascar Succulent

Adenia Isaloensis - Madagascar Succulent Caudex5 SeedsThis unusual Adenia, is a native to Madagascar..


Sinningia Douglasii - 50 Seeds - Caudex Succulent

Sinningia Douglasii - Caudex Forming Succulent50 SeedsThis very unusual epiphytic plant from the rai..


Grahamia Coahuilensis - 10 Seeds - Caudex Succulent

Grahamia Coahuilensis - Caudex Forming Succulent10 SeedsA succulent perennial from Mexico, once list..


Brachychiton Rupestris - 8 Seeds - Narrow Leaved or Queensland Bottle Tree

Brachychiton Rupestris - Narrow Leaved or Queensland Bottle Tree8 Seeds Brachychiton Rupestris is a ..


Entandrophragma Caudatum - 5 Seeds - Sprague / Mountain Mahogany

Entandrophragma Caudatum - Sprague / Mountain Mahogany / Wooden Banana5 SeedsEntandrophragma caudatu..


Sinningia Macrostachya - 50 Seeds - Leather Leaf Gloxinia

Sinningia Macrostachya - Leather Leaf Gloxinia50 SeedsSinningia macrostachya is an interesting varie..


Adansonia Fony / Rubrostipa Seeds - Madagascar Baobab Tree

Adansonia Fony - Baobab Tree - Excellent Bonsai Candidate5 SeedsThis Madagascan tree, also known as ..


Pachypodium Lamerei var Ramosum - 10 Seeds - Succulent of Madagascar

Pachypodium Lamerei var RamosumMadagascar succulent10 SeedsThis truly original succulent comes from ..


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