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Cardiocrinum Giganteum - 25 Seeds - Giant Himalayan Lily

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Cardiocrinum Giganteum - Giant Himalayan Lily

25 Seeds

Also known as the Giant Himalayan Lily, this is the largest species of any lily plant, and found in the Himalayas, as well as in China and Burma.

Reaching up to 3m tall, this magnificent lily bears trumpet-shaped flowers up to 20cm long each, which villagers use to carry water in their native habitat.

Flowers are white with red-purple streaked throats, are highly fragrant, and grow alternate up the stem.

Leaves are large and heart-shaped, forming closer to the base than the flowering tips.

Bulbs produce several offsets after the flowers die off.

Enjoys part shade, and a well draining but moist soil.

Fully hardy to -15°C.