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Calceolaria - Dainty Mix - 10 Seeds - (In pellets) Slipper Flower

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Calceolaria - Dainty Mix

10 Pelleted Seeds

Also known as the Pocketbook Flower, Slipper Flower or Lady’s Purse, the Calceolaria flowers are native to South America and Mexico. So named for their 2-lipped, pouched flowers that resemble ‘slippers’ and snapdragons.

A biennial plant, the Calceolaria can grow between 6 to 15 inches tall. Leaves are well textured and light green and quickly lost under masses of brightly coloured flowers.

An undemanding plant, they prefer cool climates and make an ideal houseplant. Place them away from direct sunlight and water them regularly. Stand the pot in a saucer of pebbles to give a little extra humidity, but resist standing the pot in water.

The flowering period can last for weeks - sometimes months - keeping your house and garden colourful through the summer.