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Calamintha Nepeta - 250 Seeds - Lesser Calamint (Clinopodium nepeta)

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Calamintha Nepeta - Lesser Calamint
(Clinopodium nepeta)

250 Seeds

Better known as Lesser Calamint, or sometimes as Nepitella when used in Italian cuisine, this perennial grows as a small shrub, up to around 20cm tall.

Leaves are ovate, grey-greenish in colour and around 2cm long. The leaves are aromatic and smell like a cross between mint and oregano. Flowers are small and light blue-purple in colour, but numerous.

Used in medieval times as a medicinal herb for a wide variety of ailments. Should not be used by pregnant women. Please contact a GP before using in a medicinal context.

Lesser calamint is related to traditional catnip, and may stimulate cats in a similar manner.

Very attractive to bees and butterflies!

Hardy to around -15°C.