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Lophocereus Schottii - 15 Seeds - Senita Cactus / Old Man Cactus

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Lophocereus Schottii - Senita Cactus / Old Man Cactus

15 Seeds

Native to the south of North America and north-western Mexico, this columnar cactus can reach up to 4m tall, often producing multiple upright shoots that form a thicket of cactus that branch at the base.

The stems are around 15cm in diameter, grey-green in colour, with anywhere from 4-13 ribs. As the cactus matures, spines grow in thick clusters, particularly around the tip of the stem, producing long grey bristles up to 10cm long.

Flowers are nocturnal, white to pink in colour, typically blooming from early spring through to mid-autumn.

Hardy down to around -10°C.