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Parodia Sellowii - 15 Seeds (Wigginsia Pauciareolata) Cacti Cactus

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Parodia sellowii - (Wigginsia Pauciareolata)

15 Seeds

Native to southern Brazil, this solitary cactus reaches up to 20cm tall, around 15cm in diameter, with a slightly depressed head filled with white wool.

The stem has deeply prominent ribs, up to 20, with clusters of white spines growing along the ridges. Spines are no longer than 3cm, with the central spine surrounded by 4 or more spines. The stem is an attractive deep green, and produces flowers usually around July. Blooms are yellow-white, with reddish pistils, growing from the apex of the stem.

Frost tender, keep above 0°C.