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Opuntia Santa-rita - 10 Seeds - Santa Rita Prickly Pear [Opuntia violaceae var. santa rita]

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Opuntia Santa-rita - Santa Rita Prickly Pear
[Opuntia violaceae var. santa rita]

10 Seeds

Native across southern North America and Mexico, this beautiful cactus can reach up to 2.5m tall and is startlingly purple! Growing upright but also spreading with multiple pads growing from a short main trunk, it can reach 3m wide. Stem pads are round to oval in shape, up to 20cm long with spines present along the flat and the edge. The spines detatch easily - be careful when handling!

Bright yellow flowers grow from the edge of the pads, up to 10cm in diameter, blooming from mid-spring to summer and turning into purple-red fruits that mature from late summer. The pads can also be eaten, known as nopales in Mexico, both raw and cooked.

Semi-hardy down to around -5°C when kept dry.