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Neobuxbaumia ( Cephalocereus ) Tetetzo - 15 Seeds - Mexico Cactus Cacti

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Cephalocereus (Neobuxbaumia) Tetetzo

15 Seeds

A native to the central-southern area of Mexico, particularly the Oaxaca and Puebla areas, this giant columnar cactus is the dominant plant in the Tehuacán Valley.

Reaching up to 15m tall, the well-defined trunks are around 30cm in diameter, ribbed with clusters of long brown spines growing from the apex of each areole.

Bell shaped flowers are white or pink, blossoming from mid-May to  the end of June, producing fruits immediately after the flowering period just before the rainy season.

Requires shade when first growing as small plants, but mature plants enjoy full sun, and a well draining, rocky soil.

Frost tender, should not be kept below 6°C. Keep dry during the winter months.