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Hylocereus (Selenicereus) Megalanthus - 15 Seeds - Yellow Pitaya / Dragonfruit

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Hylocereus (Selenicereus) Megalanthus - Yellow Pitaya / Dragonfruit

15 Seeds

Native to South America, this climbing cactus often grows across trees, producing aerial roots. Stems have three ribs along which are small clusters of spines only around 3mm long, and may grow along the ground, or climb and hang over other plants or structures. The funnel shaped flowers are large, almost 40cm long, with many outer tepals yellow-green in colour, and white petals surrounding many yellow stamens. Both flowers and fruits grow from the end of the long stems.

The fruits have a bright yellow rind, somewhat bumpy and spiny, with white flesh and black seeds inside. The taste of mildly sweet and can be eaten raw or cooked into dishes. A very popular and eyecatching fruit!

Frost tender, keep above 8°C at all times