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Cacti Seeds

Cacti come in many forms, large or small, with spherical to columnar water storing bodies, often covered with spines. Most have brightly coloured flowers, some fragrant. Cacti are native to North and South America.

Cacti Seeds
Echinocereus Poselgeri – 15 Seeds - Dahlia Cactus / Cacti

Echinocereus Poselgeri - Dahlia Cactus15 SeedsA cactus native to the west and south west of North Am..


Mammillaria Marksiana - 15 Seeds - Cactus

Mammillaria Marksiana15 SeedsMammillaria Marksiana are Mexican, small globular to short columnar bra..


Frailea Angelesii - 10 Seeds - Unusual South American Cacti / Cactus

Frailea Angelesii(Frailea mammifera subs. angelesiae)10 SeedsNative to South America, these small ca..


Carnegia Gigantea - 10 Seeds - Giant Saguaro Cactus Carnegia Gigantea - 10 Seeds - Giant Saguaro Cactus

Carnegia Gigantea - Giant Saguaro Cactus 10  SeedsThis is the giant cactus we all know as ..


Cylindropuntia Imbricata - 20 Seeds - Tree Cholla Cactus

Cylindropuntia Imbricata - Tree Cholla Cactus20 SeedsNative to northern Mexico and the southwestern ..


Thelocactus Hexaedrophorus - 15 Seeds - Mexican Cacti Cactus

Thelocactus Hexaedrophorus15 SeedsNative to northern Mexico, this solitary cactus can reach up to 7c..


Mammillaria Peninsularis - 15 Seeds - Mexican Cacti Cactus

Mammillaria Peninsularis - 15 Seeds - Mexican Cacti Cactus15 SeedsA native to the Baja California Sp..


Melocactus Neryi - 100 Seeds - Turks Cap Cacti Cactus

Melocactus Neryi100 SeedsNative to Brazil and Venezuela, the most remarkable part of M Neryi is its ..


Neobuxbaumia Tetetzo - 15 Seeds - Mexico Cactus Cacti

Neobuxbaumia Tetetzo15 SeedsA native to the central-southern area of Mexico, particularly the Oaxaca..


Ferocactus Schwarzii - 100 Seeds - Mexico Barrel Cactus

Ferocactus Schwarzii - Mexico Barrel Cactus100 SeedsFerocactus Schwarzii is a slow growing barrel ca..


Ferocactus Wislizeni - 50 Seeds - Fishhook Candy Barrel Cactus

Ferocactus WislizeniFishhook Candy Barrel Cactus50 SeedsAlso known as the Fishhook, Arizona, or Cand..


Oreocereus Celsianus - 15 Seeds - Old Man of the Andes Cactus Cacti

Oreocereus CelsianusOld Man of the Andes15 SeedsKnown as the ‘old man of the mountain’ for the fluff..


Mammillaria Bombycina - 15 Seeds - Cactus

Mammillaria Bombycina15 SeedsMammillaria Bombycina is a  Mexican, small globular to short colum..


Polaskia Chichipe - 15 Seeds - Chichipe Cactus

Polaskia Chichipe - Chichipe Cactus15 SeedsA columnar cactus native to central Mexico, the Chichipe ..


Echinofossulocactus Zacatecasensis - 50 Seeds - Brain Cactus Stenocactus Multicostata

Echinofossulocactus Zacatecasensis    (syn. Stenocactus Multicostata)50 SeedsThis sav..


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