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Scadoxus Multiflorus - 1 Bulb - African Blood Lily - Flowering Size

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Scadoxus Multiflorus Bulbs - African Blood Lily

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Rarely offered, dont miss this chance for these amazing flowering size bulbs.

This South African Native is a relative of Amarylis with a wide distribution (Previously classified as Haemanthus grandiflorum).  , and has a most spectacular flowerhead, of around 200 bright red flowers held in a 20 cm ball atop a long stalk. These flowerheads last for around 1 to 2 weeks.

Generally after flowering,  wavy margined foliage appears. At this time regular feeding should be started, as the bulb has put a large amount of energy into flowering. From early to mid Autumn, the foliage will die back, and the bulb will go into its winter dormancy again.

Will not tolerate freezing, so outside bulbs should be lifted and stored for winter.