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Broccoli Romanesco - 250 Seeds - Brassica Oleracea - Bright Green Fractal Heads

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Broccoli - Romanesco
(Brassica Oleracea)

250 Seeds

Also known as Roman Cauliflower, this beautiful broccoli most likely originated in Italy and has been in cultivation since the 16th century.

Most notable for its fractal appearance, each bud makes up part of a spiral. The amount of spirals is a Fibonacci number.

Can reach heights of up to 80cm tall and 15cm in spread. Flowering heads can appear from a chartreuse to deep apple-green.

Buds mature to harvest between 70-100 days.

As with other broccoli, buds are edible before they begin to flower. The Romanesco variety is crunchier than its traditional cousins, with a delicate, somewhat sweet and nutty taste.

Enjoys a well draining soil and full sun, although will produce flowers and seeds quicker in warmer temperatures.

Fully hardy to -15°C.