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Bismarckia Nobilis 'Silver' - 5 Seeds - Madagascar Palm

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Bismarckia Nobilis 'Silver' - 5 Seeds - Madagascar Palm

5 Seeds

Bismarckia Nobilis is a spectacular palm native to western and northern Madagascar,. It is the only species in its Genus. It grows with a grey trunk, 30 to 50 cm in diameter, with ringed indentations from old leaf scars. It produces huge, rounded silvery grey green leaves, up to 3 meters in diameter, deeply divided into segments, growing from long leaf stalks.

Over winter, the plant will stop growing, but during warm summers, it can produce 1 or 2 leaves per month! Very fast growing for a palm! A truly spectacular Palm…

Can reach 25 meters in height, though typically only 12 meters in cultivation.

Tolerant of cold down to around -2°C as a seedling, but can take a few extra degrees of cold as a larger plant.