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Begonia Incarnata - 25 Seeds - Metal Leaf Begonia

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Begonia Incarnata - Metal-Leaf Begonia

25 Seeds

Also known as the Metal-Leaf Begonia, this perennial begonia is native to Mexico and named for its shiny, slightly hairy flowers!

Grows up to 60cm tall, with a similar spread. Leaves are up to 15cm long with purple-red veins.

Flowers grow up to 2cm wide in clusters toward the end of their stalks; the petals are the only part of the flowers that have hairs on them. Flowers range from white to pink.

Begonias enjoy humidity to thrive. Avoid wetting the leaves during misting or watering to avoid causing blemishes or discolouration. Prefers well draining soil. Grow on in a semi-shady position to avoid the leaves burning under bright sunlight. 

Frost tender to 10°C.