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Beetroot Albina Ice - 100 Seeds - Beta Vulgaris

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Beetroot Albina Ice - Beta Vulgaris

100 Seeds

Beta Vulgaris subsp. vulgaris, also known as the beetroot or garden beet, is an important crop vegetable native across Europe, through the Mediterranean and all the way to Western Asia.

The Albina Ice variety belongs to the garden beet cultivar, also known as the Conditiva Group, and is the edible taproot portion of the plant. The taproot can be eaten raw but is typically boiled or roasted,
and very popular in Eastern European dishes.

The Albina Ice variety produces a white beetroot which do not stain when cut due to their colour, and has a sweeter flavour than typical red garden beets. Produces mid-green to reddish-purple, lance-shaped leaves up to 30cm long, and small flat-topped green flowers.

Prefers full sun, but will tolerate light shade, and prefers well-draining, moist soil.

Takes up to 16 weeks to be ready for harvest.

Historically used for its reputed medicinal properties, said to remedy tumours and other forms of cancers, as well as dandruff, toothache, and headaches.

Please consult a GP before using in a medical context.

Hardy down to -10°C.