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Azureocereus Hertlingianus - 15 Seeds - Blue Cereus Cactus Cacti

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Azureocereus Hertlingianus

15 Seeds

Known as the Blue Cereus, this cactus is native to southern Peru and the Mantaro Valley. Striking for the blue colour of its flesh, it can reach heights of up to 8m tall.

A columnar cactus, it will grow additional stems after it reaches around 1m tall. Trunks of the cactus can reach around 30cm in diameter, with around 18 ribs which the spines grow from. Spines reach around 8cm long, typically with between 5-8 spines growing from a single areole.

The young flesh of the trunk is a vivid blue, while flesh turns an olive green the older it grows. Nocturnal white flowers are around 5cm in diameter, blooming during the summer months.

Enjoys a well draining soil and regular watering during warmer months when it is growing. Like other cacti, reduce watering during winter when it goes semi-dormant. Bright and full sun are necessary for the Azureocereus and contributes greatly to the blue flesh of the trunk.

Frost tender, it prefers temperatures above 10°C at all times.