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Asclepias Incarnata - 50 Seeds - Swamp Rose Milkweed

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Asclepias Incarnata
Swamp Rose Milkweed

50 Seeds

Swamp, or Rose Milkweed is an upright, perennial native to the USA, growing from thick, fleshy, white roots. Typically, its stems are branched and the clump forming plants emerge in late spring after most other plants have begun growth for the year.  The plants bloom in early to mid-summer, producing small, fragrant, pink to mauve coloured flowers in umbels.

Swamp milkweed prefers moisture retentive to damp soils in full sun to partial shade naturally found growing wild near the edges of ponds, lakes, streams. It is a favourite for Monarch Butterflys, which feeds on the flowers and lays her eggs on the plants.

Plants do not like to be disturbed once establised.

Grows to a height of around 1 meter and a spread of around 1.5 meters.

Fully hardy to -15°C