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Aronia Melanocarpa - 50 Seeds - Black Chokeberry

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Aronia Melanocarpa - Black Chokeberry

50 Seeds

Aronia Melanocarpa is a deciduous shrub native to eastern North America, often found growing in swamp and low woodlands. This plant prefers a moist soil, but can be found growing in dryer soils.

It had oval glossy green leaves, and produces clusters of 5 petaled white flowers, followed by clusters of black edible berries, each around 1 cm in diameter.

The fruit should be fully ripe before being eaten and is best after a frost or two, with a good flavour but very astringent.
Though it makes a good jelly when sugar is added and is also dried and used for making pemmican.

Grows to a height and spread of around 2 meters.

Fully hardy to -15°C and under.