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Arum Maculatum - 10 Seeds - Lords and Ladies / Cuckoo-pint Plant

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Arum Maculatum
Lords and Ladies / Cuckoo-pint Plant

10 Seeds

Common to Europe, especially the British Isles, these perennials have a distinctive spathe and berries, as well as less-than-pleasant odour.

Leaves are large and heart-shaped, dark green with dark purple or black spots and somewhat waxy or shiny. Reaching up to around 45cm tall, the flowers appear not long after the leaves, as a poker-shaked inflorescence partially enclosed by a pale green hood. The flowers emit a fecal scent and heat up to attract insects, its main pollinators.

During autumn months, female flowers produce a cluster of bright red berries along the inflorescence spike, which are extremely toxic. Please note that all parts of the plant can produce allergic reactions and care should be taken when handling.

Enjoys part sun. Fully hardy.