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Agave Macroacantha - 50 Seeds - Black Spined Agave

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Agave Macroacantha - Black Spined Agave

50 Seeds

Also known as the black-spined or large-thorned agave, this plant is native to Mexico, particularly the areas of Oaxaca and Tehuacan.

Reaching up to around 60cm tall at peak maturity, this agave often grows in dense clumps. Leaves grow in a regular rosette and are a blue-grey or grey-green colour, ending in a sharp black spine. The edges of leaves are also lined with smaller black teeth spaced around 4cm apart from each other. Leaves can reach to around 35cm long, and are linear in shape.

Flowers are borne on infloresence stalks that can reach up to around 3m tall, and are only around 50mm in diameter. Flowers grow in panicles, deep red in colour, with yellow filaments.

Enjoys full to part sun, and little watering. A slow grower, don't give up on this one!

Half hardy to around -5°C when unwatered for extended periods of time, but should not be kept below 5°C at any other time.