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Architectural Plant Seeds

Plants with big, bold or striking foliage. Make a statement with these!

Architectural Plant Seeds
Agave Maximiliana - 50 Seeds - Mexican Succulent Maximilian

Agave Maximiliana50 SeedsNative to Central Mexico, this agave grows at moderate to high elevation in..


Ricinus Communis - 20 Seeds - Castor Oil Plant, Castorbean

Ricinus Communis - 20 Seeds - Castor Oil Plant, Castorbean20 SeedsIt is a Native to the Mediterranea..


Nandina Domestica - 20 Seeds - Heavenly Bamboo / Sacred Bamboo

 Nandina Domestica - Heavenly Bamboo20 Seeds Nandina Domestica is a  native to easter..


Agave Victoria Reginae ssp Victoria Reginae - 10 Seeds - Spikey Succulent

Agave Victoria v Reginae  ssp Victoria Reginae10 SeedsThis species of Agave, native to Mexico, ..


Musa Sikkimensis - 50 Seeds -  Hardy Ornamental Darjeeling Banana

Musa Sikkimensis - Hardy Ornamental Darjeeling Banana50 SeedsMusa Sikkimensis is a cool growing bana..


Agave Macroacantha - 10 Seeds - Black Spined Agave

Agave Macroacantha - Black Spined Agave10 SeedsAlso known as the black-spined or large-thorned agave..


Iris Foetidissima - 20 Seeds - Stinking Gladwin Iris Iris Foetidissima - 20 Seeds - Stinking Gladwin Iris

Iris Foetidissima - Stinking Gladwin Iris20 SeedsIris Foetidissima is a native to western Europe, an..


Heliconia Sclerotricha Seeds - Totally Tropical Flowers Banana Foliage!

Heliconia Spathocircinata6 SeedsHeliconia Spathocircinata is a medium sized heliconia native to Sout..


Agave Horrida Perotensis - 10 Seeds - Spiky Leaves Mexican Succulent

Agave Horrida Perotensis10 SeedsThis species of Agave, Native to Mexico, has a single rosette of thi..


Trachycarpus Fortunei - 20 Seeds - UK Hardy Chusan Palm

Trachycarpus Fortunei - Chusan Palm20 SeedsIts origin unknown due to its widespread cultivation, and..


Agave Americana ssp Protoamericana - 10 Seeds - Century Plant

Agave Americana ssp Protoamericana - Century Plant10 SeedsAgave Americana ssp Protoamericana is a na..


Canna Indica - 50 Seeds - 'Red' Flowered Banana Foliage

Canna Indica - 'Red' Banana type Foliage50 SeedsA handsome plant from tropical and subtropical South..


Agave Bracteosa - 10 Seeds - Squid Agave / Spider Agave

Agave Bracteosa - Squid Agave / Spider Agave10 SeedsSometimes called the ‘spider Agave’ or ‘squid Ag..


Agave Filifera - 10 Seeds - Thread Leaf Agave Hardy

Agave Filifera - Thread Leaf Agave10 SeedsAgave Filifera is a succulent, native to Central Mexico. R..


Phormium Tenax Variegata - 25 Seeds - Variegated New Zealand Flax

Phormium Tenax Variegatum - New Zealand Flax25 SeedsA clump forming perennial native to New Zealand ..


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