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Architectural Plant Seeds

Plants with big, bold or striking foliage. Make a statement with these!

Architectural Plant Seeds
Dasylirion Texanum - 10 Seeds - Sotol

Dasylirion Texanum - Sotol Succulent Shrub10 seedsDasylirion Texanum is a Mexican evergreen shrub, w..


Agave Impressa - 10 Seeds - Maguey Masparillo

Agave Impressa - Maguey Masparillo10 SeedsNative to a small area of Mexico, this agave is known in S..


Hedychium Gracile - 10 Seeds - Tiny White Ginger

Hedychium Gracile -  Tiny White Ginger10 SeedsHedychium Gracile, known as the Tiny White Ginger..


Cornus Sericea (stolonifera) - 20 Seeds - Red Osier / Redtwig Dogwood Cornus Sericea (stolonifera) - 20 Seeds - Red Osier / Redtwig Dogwood

Cornus Sericea (stolonifera)Red Osier / Redtwig Dogwood20 SeedsCornus Sericea (syn. stolonifers) is ..


Trachycarpus Fortunei - 100 Seeds - UK Hardy Chusan Palm

Trachycarpus Fortunei - Chusan Palm100 SeedsIts origin unknown due to its widespread cultivation, an..


Heliconia Sclerotricha Seeds - Totally Tropical Flowers Banana Foliage!

Heliconia Spathocircinata6 SeedsHeliconia Spathocircinata is a medium sized heliconia native to Sout..


Phormium Tenax Variegata - 25 Seeds - Variegated New Zealand Flax

Phormium Tenax Variegatum - New Zealand Flax25 SeedsA clump forming perennial native to New Zealand ..


Heliconia Griggsiana Seeds - Tropical WOW flowers! Banana foliage!

Heliconia Griggsiana6 SeedsHeliconia Griggsiana is a large Heliconia native to South America with pe..


Musa Sikkimensis - 50 Seeds -  Hardy Ornamental Darjeeling Banana

Musa Sikkimensis - Hardy Ornamental Darjeeling Banana50 SeedsMusa Sikkimensis is a cool growing bana..


Wisteria Floribunda - 5 Seeds - Japanese Amazing Climber!!

Japanese Wisteria FloribundaAmazing Climber!!5 SeedsWisteria Floribunda is a native to Japan, a clim..


Musa Itinerans 'Burmese Blue' - 10 Seeds - Cold Hardy Yunnan Banana

Musa Itinerans 'Burmese Blue' - Cold Hardy Yunnan Banana10 SeedsNative to northern Thailand, this sh..


Heliconia Champneiana 'Maya Gold' - Seeds - South American Tropical Flowers

Heliconia Champneiana ‘Maya Gold’6 SeedsA native of Belize, this stunning Heliconia stands out parti..


Tetrapanax Papyrifer - 10 Seeds - Rice Paper Plant / Tree

Tetrapanax Papyrifer - Rice Paper Plant / Tree10 SeedsA native to Taiwan, this fast-growing giant is..


Agave Angustifolia v Marginata - 10 Seeds - Variegated Caribbean Agave

Agave Angustifolia v MarginataVariegated Caribbean Agave10 Seeds Agave Angustifolia v Marginata..


Strelitzia Juncea - 5 Seeds - Leafless Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia Juncea - Leafless Bird Of Paradise 5 SeedsStrelitzia Juncea is a native to South Africa. ..


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