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Arbutus Unedo - 25 Seeds - Strawberry Tree

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Arbutus Unedo - Strawberry Tree

25 Seeds

Arbutus Unedo is a native to the Mediterranean region and western Europe. It is a large evergreen shrub / tree of bushy habit, with rough brown bark and dark green glossy leaves each around 5 to 10 cm in length with a serrated margin.

 Flowers are small and urn-shaped, white, with strawberry-like red fruits appearing from the previous years flowers, 1–2 cm diameter, with a rough surface. They mature in about 12 months, in autumn, at the same time as the next flowering.

The fruits are edible, sweet when reddish, and tastes similar to a fig.

Grows to a height and spread of between 4 to 8 meters.

Fully hardy to -15°C