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Typha Latifolia - 500 Seeds - Great Reedmace / Cattail / Water Sausage Plant

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Typha Latifolia - Great Reedmace / Cattail / Water Sausage Plant

approx. 500 Seeds

Native across the Americas, Europe and Eurasia, Typha Latifolia is a striking plant found at the water's edge, reaching up to 3m tall. Its leaves are long, lanceolate in shape, up to 4cm broad. From late summer flowering spikes appear with fat brown 'tails'.

Almost every part of the plant is edible! Young flowering stalks and leaf bases can be cooked as an asparagus substitute, the rhizomes can be cooked like potatoes, and even the pollen can be used as a flavouring.

Historically used medicinally for a variety of ailments of the gut, uterus and other wounds. Please see a GP before using in a medicinal context.

Hardy to -10°C.