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Scaevola Taccada - 10 Seeds - Beach Cabbage / Sea Lettuce

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Scaevola Taccada - Beach Cabbage / Sea Lettuce

10 Seeds

Native to mangrove swamps and coastal locations in the Indo-Pacific, this large bush can reach up to around 3.5m tall, growing in leafy mounds. Leaves are a mid to deep green in colour, somewhat fleshy with a waxy covering, spoon-shaped and up to 25cm long. The leaves can be cooked like cabbage and eaten, though are not considered particularly palatable. The leaves and fruits have also been used medicinally to treat a variety of issues. Please contact a GP before using medicinally.

Flowers are small and fragrant, white and fan-shaped with only 5 petals on one side, appearing throughout the year. The fruits that follow are around 1cm in diameter, maturing to white in colour.

Frost tender. Salt and drought tolerant once established.