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Euonymus Europaeus - 20 Seeds - Spindle Wood Tree

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Euonymus Europaeus - Spindle Wood Tree

20 Seeds

Native across much of Europe, this long-lived tree typically reaches up to around 6m tall, with a stem around 20cm in diameter. Leaves are around 8cm long and 3cm across, dark green with serrated edges, turning yellow to reddish-purple in the autumn months.

Flowers are hermaphroditic, growing in cymes, turning bright pink after pollination with bright orange seeds, looking almost like popcorn.

Known as Spindle wood, this wood was used for spindles in thread and cloth spinning.
The wood is also used due to its superior properties compared to other woods for artists drawing charcoal.

Germination can be slow, and a winter stratification treatment is reccomended.

Extremely attractive to insects!

Fully hardy to -15°C.