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Aloe Ramosissima - 10 Seeds - Maidens Quiver Tree

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Aloe Ramosissima - Succulent - Maidens Quiver Tree

10 Seeds

Aloe Ramosissima, a large tree Aloe, is native to Namibia and Southern Africa known locally as Kokerboom, or Quiver Tree.
Although still a succulent, it takes on a more tree like form, with trunk, branches and more typical fleshy leaves.

Considered a variant of Aloe Dichotoma, the only difference between the 2 species is that A Ramosissima will form branches at ground level.

Very drought tolerant when older, and a winter grower.

Growing up to 2 meters tall, with an impressive crown of leaves makes this a most spectacular plant to grow. Fairly slow growing, it may take many years to get to this size. Still, an impressive succulent for your collection!

Frost tender, keep above 10°C